Humana brand

Parents want the best possible start in life for their child. Thanks to Humana’s long time expertise in Baby Food, we support children’s healthy growth and development by providing reliable products in tune with nature. Humana is committed to offer controlled and certified quality “Made in Germany” with more than 60 years experience in research and development.

Whether it is Infant Milk, Infant Food or Food Supplements – the quality of our Baby Food is based on latest research and is scientifically proven. We cooperate closely with recognized specialists and paediatricians to offer products which meet the individual requirements of children according to their age and development: From birth onwards to the age of three years.

Humana is the only brand whose Infant Milks are made 100% in Germany. Our milk is produced by 29 farmers in our region who are part of the Humana dairy-cooperative: Family farms we have known for generations and who reliably provide the quality we need for our products. They do not only keep their cows species-appropriate and feed them solely with natural, GMO-free food. Our farmers also give their personal promise to deliver best quality possible – from family to family.

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